Git Forking in the VSTS

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Hi people,

Do you  know what’s the Git Forking? And, that this feature exists on VSTS too? Well, if you has been used the GitHub before to share your projects, or contribute in Open-Source projects, probably you know this one, but,  If you don’t know this, I can try to tell you about this one. 😊

Git Forking is a good feature that exists in the Git Repo, because this allow us to make a clone of the original repo to your account, and working isolated from the original. Imagine, you see a Entity Framework Repo on Github, and you have an idea to new feature or correct a bug, but you don’t have access to original repository. What do you do in this case? You make a Forking from original Repository to your Github Account, and now, is possible to you working and apply your ideas in this project. After you complete your update in this repository, you need to make a Pull Request, this process send your changes to analysis for original repository owner or admins, if this one is approved, a merge into master in original repository it will be done.

Well, probably you know, but a long time ago, Microsoft has been enabled in VSTS and TFS the possibility to create Git Repositories too, and a lot of users requested to git forking existing in VSTS, and now, it’s possible, but it’s have a little bit diference from GitHub…

VSTS don’t have anonymous access, well is impossible to any users make a git forking from my repository, because only people in my organization or who I have allow the access before, and I don’t have the possibility to make a forking to another VSTS Account now.

Now, in VSTS I can bee to forking my repository to same Team Project or another, and we can choice if your clone only the master branch, or all branchs from the original repository.

Why it’s useful if I don’t be share this project to another account? Well, imagine if you have software house working to you, and you like to isolate the access from this people in only one project? Or this software house is working in the very specifically function or feature to your project and working in the same project is a problem? The forking is a good option for this, or other things that you need in your environment.

Well, Now you know that this feature exists in your VSTS Account. Go to try this, and share your experiences with me, use the comment box, and share your opnion and questions.

I hope to you enjoyed this post, and it has helped you. 😊